Owner story – The Morgann 5.50

Poetic testimony collected from a Morgann 5.50’s owner

Few time ago, we asked our owners to put together a guestbook. After the story of the Loup shared a few weeks ago, discover the story of a Morgann 5.50 :

“Choosing a Morgann is above all choosing a family. Then you have to choose a place to sail and race with this sailboat. For me, it was the meanders of the Seine, where the Yacht Club d’Ile de France is located because the owners of Morgann are numerous and it is also a moving flash back to Chatou, Triel, Argenteuil and Caillebotte to the impressionists and the banks of the Seine where Silure was sailing.

Choosing a Morgann means choosing the colour of its hull, its teak deck, its fittings, its rigging, it is custom-made, personalisation taken to the extreme, it is hand-stitched, it is offering a vestige of a bygone past, which has managed to reach us, it is knowing the value of everything and the price of nothing, it is childhood rediscovered at will, far from the resignation which is a daily suicide.

To choose a Morgann is to choose a timeless sailboat, which is, whatever happens, the quiet beacon of a more or less expensively acquired happiness. Let’s cherish this possession that no morality commands, that no speculation provokes, born only from the meeting of Jean Yves Manac’h, the architect and the soul of the Frank Roy Shipyard. Eternal meeting of aesthetics and caprice, irrationality and gratuitousness, this sailing ship that changes everything in the dark night of long-term projects, of undefined desires and more or less fatal deadlines under the sky of difficulties of being, where the accessory becomes essential.
It will always be imagination that will rule the world, but ideas belong less and less to those who realize them, the “hand-stitched” disappears and with it its procession of craftsmen who have disappeared forever. By leaving the era of “made-to-measure” we have moved into the era of the series and we are on the eve of the era of proliferation.

Choosing a Morgann is the way to steal time from death, it is to offer oneself a share of eternity, thanks to the Chantier Naval Frank Roy and its team, it is to know the authentic, where one demands the essential from oneself, where one puts art in one’s life, the art of being oneself to the point of assuming one’s excesses, where we are in the inconceivable, with dazzling landmarks.

Choosing a Morgann is the culmination of a dream and the fulfilment of a remarkable exclusivity, it is to share the genius of Jean Yves Manac’h and Frank Roy, the shadow of their dreams, the trace of their work.

Choosing a Morgann is choosing legend and heritage, a marvellous outlet for our wandering minds, it is above all a way of life, one does not identify with the sailboat it is the sailboat that identifies with its owner. It is to allow its owner to forget a hundred times a day what he has decided to be, it is to provoke astonishment by the object, indeed, without astonishment and above all without emotion, we are indifferent.
It is the so particular image of the Morgann, which in dressing them, makes the force of things, because it is the profusion of images that makes things insignificant.
When you’ve dreamed your life, you have to live your dream…”.