Owner story – Le Loup !

Testimony of a Loup owner

Who’s better to make you dream than the owners themselves? Discover the story of L’Ouragan and its happy owners right away.

“What can I say about the Loup and the Franck Roy shipyard, I have nothing but praise. Let’s go back to the thread of this passion.

Let’s go back to Easter 2004, under the rain, moping around surrounded by the countless nautical magazines that have haunted my dreams since the dawn of time. Reviewing the plethoric choice of boats, what program, what size, what budget, for the family, for oneself, sporty, for a ride, a regatta, old, new, wooden, what else. Neophytes and those who are not very keen on boats get lost in it and start year after year archiving the special boat show issues in the hope of making their dreams come true.

First meeting
A convincing and convinced wife, a phone call to the yard and we left for La Rochelle to try this famous Wolf from the Franck Roy yard. Weary, force 8 with squalls, we could hardly see our friends from the building site and we could only put our foot on this Loup. Frustrated but delighted, we placed the order at the yard immediately.

The order
Names, options, choice of battens, sails, colours etc., the pleasure starts by discussing with Franck Roy, passionate and exciting. It’s tailor made, each Loup is unique and the yard goes to great lengths to fulfil your most secret (nautical) desires with delivery before the summer, i.e. in less than three months.

The construction
Sending regular photos by email, the whole family starts to follow the evolution of the construction of the Loup with interest. The choice of the name is cornelian with many lists and the obligation to use the syllable “Loup”, respect of the tradition obliges. I can’t take it any more and I even go to visit the shipyard for the demoulding of the hull, which we filmed.

Launching the boat
Franck is kind enough to come and deliver L’Ouragan – number 223 in Arcachon. It is so beautiful on his trailer that we almost want it to stay there so as not to get damaged. The quidams come running to ask what is this boat, pride of the ignorant owner.

First departures, first emotions and first shivers on this ideal hull for the Arcachon basin. A 1930’s plan but a hull of great modernism which allows you to sail everywhere with a daggerboard which is very easy to put up and a sail which allows you to have fun as soon as there is a little bit of wind, a delight at all paces.

Regattas and family outings
Many regattas on Arcachon between old and new Loup, an excellent compromise for a day out and a bit of racing. A more family programme with the children who are starting to moore, a Tour of L’Ile aux Oiseaux with 5 Loup in dreamy weather, a postcard view with my son Quentin (9 years old) at the helm….

The after-sales service
Always friendly, always available, the site team is always on deck to help, advise and repair. A real pleasure.

Make your choice and come and join us on the dock, you won’t regret it.”

Owner of L’OURAGAN, LOUP n°223