Boats of exception

Through the plans of prestigious architects such as Jean-Yves Manac’h, Nathanael Herreshoff, Alain Mortain and Yannis Mavrikios or Salmoiraghi, Franck Roy’s shipyard has given birth or reborn traditional sailing boats such as the Joli Morgann, the Morgann 5.50, the Cazavant, the Loup and the Monotype du Bassin d’Arcachon, the Nantucket Cat-Boat, as well as cruise boats: the Solenn and the Corsaire.

Alongside these magnificent, high-performance dinghies, the traditional spirit of our shipyard also takes the form of a superb, classic motorboat based on the designs of Yann Dilasser and Gildas Plessis: the Sèol, a 5.50 m runabout.

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Franck Roy

At the occasion of the start of the Vendée Globe, the Franck Roy shipyard will exhibit around ten of its models in Port Bourgenay, a few minutes from the Vendée Globe Village. Solenn 23, Solenn 32, Joli Morgann, Morgann 5.50,…